Yard Of The Month

Kingwood Garden Club

September 2017

The Kingwood Garden Club has awarded the September 2017 Yard of the Month to Dean McNeely and John Hernandez at 2023 Grove Lake Drive in Kingwood in Trailwood Village.

In just two years, Dean and John have transformed their yard into wrap around gardens. Even through the blistering heat and downpours of August the gardens are colorful and lush.

As soon as you drive up to their house, you are greeted by the striking contrast of a row of black leaved crepe myrtles with bright lime ligustrum. By the entrance, the beds are full of colorful coleus, salvia and a spectacular cone caesalpinia tree with large yellow blooms.

The gardens continue in the back with giant salvia, red-leafed hibiscus and many butterfly plants such as milkweed and giant salvia. The backyard also features a large covered patio where Dean’s many orchids hang to catch the humidity. Beautiful potted plants decorate the corners and spill into the yard. The latest planting experiments involve kokedama – mounded moss balls planted with spider lilies and orchids.

Their lot is large and extends into a wooded area which they are now starting to thin and plant. Through the trees, you can see purple beauty berry and other Texas natives. As you wind to the other side of the house there are more colorful beds and a drainage area they are making into a natural looking creek bed of rocks. And finally, a large spray of caladiums grace the front of the side yard.

But the garden does not stop outside the house as their many orchids inside can be seen in full bloom. The orchids are a mix of water culture, traditional planting and the new endeavor of kokedama balls.


Selection of a yard and local recognition is made to a Kingwood resident each month except December, January, and February. A sign is placed in the yard. A photograph and description of the characteristics of the chosen yard are published in local area newspapers. Members are encouraged to submit suggestions of outstanding yards in their neighborhoods.

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