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President: Carole Wiater


Mailing Address:
Kingwood Garden Club
P.O. Box 5048
Kingwood, TX 77325-5048

First Tuesday of the month September - May

Good Shepherd Episcopal Church
2929 Woodland Hills Drive
Kingwood, TX 77339

Social Time:
9:00 - 9:30 a.m.

Program and General Meeting:
9:30 a.m. - 12:00 noon

Executive Committee

  • Carole Wiater
  • Krista Pulliam
    1st Vice President, Programs
  • Ruthann Koza
    2nd Vice President, Membership
  • Joey Knight
    3rd Vice President, Yearbooks
  • Cecily Ryan
  • Ron Fovargue
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From the President

This year at our final meeting for the year, Kingwood Garden Club was presented GOLD Club of the Year certificate of Award by Texas Garden Clubs, Inc. District IV. What an honor it was to be recognized for our year long achievements by our parent organization.

Little did we know that hours later some of our members would not be able to make their way home because of the heavy rains. We knew it was pouring and rushed our agenda to allow everyone to find their way home, but too much rain came too quickly.

Our members really showed what they are made of--hearts of gold and sturdy as oaks. Some members hosted others for the night, until the waters receded. For others it was just hours. That's just the kind of organization we are.

We do work hard. Our Home and Garden tour lasted three days, featured five homes and was enjoyed by about 1,300 friends and neighbors. We received comments like, "better than the Houston Azalea Trail," "well worth the drive," and "can't wait for the next one!" But we also enjoy our selves. "Best home tour ever," was one comment.

For our new year, our parent organization National Garden Clubs sets the emphasis for the year with Plant America. Texas Garden Clubs echoes their theme with Plant Texas: Grow our Future. As Kingwood Garden Club looks forward to the new year we will focus on our 2019-2020 theme: Living with Nature: Plant and Protect.

Just as we helped our own in a time of need this spring, we want to remind ourselves to help support our environment so it can grow strong healthy lawns and gardens and protect the valuable wildlife that we live with and among.

Won't you join us in one of our meetings to hear our interesting and informative speakers. You can find details on our Calendar of Events or follow us on Facebook.

Can't wait to meet you!

Carole Wiater
President 2019-2020

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