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  • Organized February 1973
  • Federated June 1973
  • Membership: 133
  • Club Rating: Gold


  • Arbor Day Celebration

  • Following the custom of planting a tree each year to commemorate Arbor Day, the committee selects and plants one or more trees in a public area in Kingwood; plans and executes a program in Kingwood, invites guests and provides suitable publicity to create interest in and alert the public to the importance of trees in our lives.

    40% Participation ~ Begun 1997

  • Flower Shows

  • The Kingwood Garden Club periodically presents a standard flower show to showcase members' horticultural and floral arranging talents.

  • KW Garden Club Home & Garden Tour

  • After many years of garden tours for our members, the club hosted its first garden tour that was open to the public. It was a fund raising event and included neighboring yards to tour. Gardens were highlighted with vignettes featuring fresh floral designs. The tour included a plant sale, a raffle, a door prize and a question and answer table manned by our knowledgeable members, many of whom are master gardeners. The event will be held bi-annually.

    100% Participation – Begun in 2001

  • Member's Discount Card

  • A discount program has been established for all members of Kingwood Garden Club. The card enables members to receive discounts at participating garden centers, floral shops and floral wholesale suppliers. Additional information about this program can be assessed through the "Membership" link.

    100% Participation ~ Begun 1999

  • Mercer Society

  • March Mart: Each year The Mercer Society, Mercer’s volunteer board, supervises a large fund raising plant sale. Plastic pots and plant trays are donated for the sale, and members volunteer to work shifts to support the effort.

    30% Participation ~ Begun 1974

  • Re-Forest the Forest

  • In 2001, the Garden Club, in cooperation with a local conservation organization, held its first tree sale. Native trees were obtained at wholesale prices and sold to Kingwood residents at cost. The purpose of the event was to encourage homeowners to replace some of the trees that were lost to construction and natural attrition. In addition each buyer was provided with information about their tree, as well as planting instructions and care of trees in general. To date 6052 trees have been sold. 897 of these were planted on medians, greenbelts and bike trails.

    30% Participation ~ Begun 2001

  • Share-A-Plant Day

  • This is an opportunity for Garden Club members to share their plants and knowledge with the community. The idea behind this day is simple: members of the Kingwood community are invited to come and trade any of their plants for ones from the Garden Club. All types of plants may be used, from shrubs to trees, annuals and perennials, cuttings to seeds, and even houseplants. This is a great time to share with neighbors a plant that has grown beyond its original boundary. Additionally, participants are welcome to share and discuss any gardening matters with one of our Garden Club experts. We encourage all Club members to start early with their cuttings and potting of plants, and be part of this fun day.

    100% Participation ~ Begun 1995

  • Caladium Sales
  • Kingwood Library:
  • 9/11 Memorial
  • Library Bronze Sculpture
  • Garden of Hope
  • Nature Books to Area Schools

The Kingwood Garden Club was formed in 1973. The stated object of the club is ... to stimulate interest in floral design and horticulture; to cultivate a broader knowledge of gardens and gardening; to aid in the protection of native trees, plants, and wildlife; and to encourage civic interest in and appreciation for the work and growth of garden club. Dues are $60 annually, payable at the March meeting. The general meeting is held the first Tuesday of the month from September through May. The meeting place is the Kingwood Community Center located at 4102 Rustic Woods Drive, Kingwood, Texas. Two of these meetings, a pilgrimage, and the installation luncheon, are off-site.

General meeting programs are coordinated with the themes of the National, Regional, District, Federation, and Kingwood Garden Club's President and Directors. A half-hour social period with refreshments precedes the general meeting. Following the main program, and/or design tips are offered. Plants are brought to each meeting for exchange and/or show.

The diversity of projects and activities within the Club is extensive. There are numerous Standing Committees. Several of these groups invite members to join and contribute. Some of these groups are: Arbor Day/Conservation, Community Share-a-Plant, Community Service, Federation, Flower Design Study, Horticulture, Horticulture Study Group, Mercer Arboretum, Special Projects and Youth Gardening. In addition there are several new projects and many continuing activities: Kingwood Library beautification Memorial for 9/11, Pilgrimage a Gardening Symposium, a retrospective of past projects, and a Spring Garden Tour.

The yearbook is the members' reference book and is compiled annually by the third Vice President. It is available to members beginning in September. Published addresses and phone numbers are for Garden Club use only.

The membership newsletter arrives online approximately one week before the general meeting. It provides information on all activities and meetings for the upcoming month.

The National Council of State Garden Clubs Inc.'s Handbook for Flower Shows is used as the guideline for all flower shows. This publication is in our library cabinet where our meetings are held. Accredited judges evaluate all standard flower shows. Since 1982, the Garden Club has held a flower show almost every 3 years.

Kingwood Garden Club maintains a library for the exclusive use of the members. Books cover a wide range of gardening and floral design topics most with full color pictures and information pertinent to our growing region.

CLUB FLOWER: Wild Violet - Viola Papaillonacea

CLUB COLORS: Green and Violet


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